Soul’s Journey Sessions

Life is the playground of our soul, and our soul is also the playground for Life. Would you like to experience your soul as a shaman does?

I invite you to join me for a Soul’s Journey Session, where together we explore an issue that’s important to you through the playground of your soul. While there is no way to know in advance what will transpire, as explained in “What is shamanic journeying?,” here are some of the benefits my clients and I have experienced as a result of journeying and shamanic energy work:

  • fresh perspectives and energy shifts in situations where before there was stuckness
  • reclaiming a passion for life that had been lost in everyday living
  • a lifting of spirit up and away from the dread of a situation
  • increased and lasting vitality, life force and power
  • a new passion to embrace soul’s dreams and live them more fully

Your intention serves as a starting point, and where it leads from there is a discovery. The journey takes place in sacred space, within which we safely explore the current terrain of your soul.

Where the journey leads is influenced by many elements, among them: your openness and willingness to explore and change; the guidance of both our spirit guides; my experience with many realms and beings, and ability to work on more than one level at once; and the shamanic energy work that is most supportive for the situation.

“Thank you so much for your assistance last week. You are truly a gifted, gentle, deep, intuitive, sacred and joyful healer.”

– Penelope Berro


Your Choice and Commitment

Since this is your soul work, I’m clear that whatever support I provide and call upon is in service to you. Your engagement is key. Shamanic energy work opens the way for significant life shifts by working at the soul and energetic level. It can be as significant as going to the wellspring of your great river and making an adjustment that changes the river’s course all the way down to where it empties into the sea. But what brings the changes into your physical reality are the actions you’re willing to take. Your commitment to your shifted soul’s journey and your new thoughts and actions are what give the changes roots in your life.

It’s therefore important to be clear on how committed you are to making a change. We all have times when an objective eye is helpful in checking out our situation and verifying if we’re on track or not, and when some basic energy clearing or support is welcome. Since we’re working at the level of the soul, you’re likely to experience discoveries and insights, which you can manifest in your life through aligned action.

Other times you know something bigger is needed, even if you don’t know exactly what, and you’re willing to do what it takes to make the changes you want. If you reclaim disassociated parts of yourself, for instance, it’s like welcoming home an abandoned child…trust often needs to be reestablished and integrative actions over a period of time will be key. Sometimes you’ll need to make changes first, before the disassociated part will reengage with you. Also know that if you don’t follow through, it will be much harder to reclaim those parts in the future. This intimate engagement with yourself is called a soul retrieval, which refers primarily to my role as shaman. Yet your actions are key to experiencing the reclaimed life force, inspiration and joy that’s available to you.

When approached with willingness, deep soul engagement is a wondrous adventure that can align you more fully with your soul’s destiny.

“I was going through a distressing period where I was really stuck in the old familiar pain.  Sandie did some tracking work for me and helped me move forward.  She has a great ability to sense from the higher realms on how to break up the disrupting energies that kept me bound up in unhappy  living.  She connected into the higher frequencies and helped me remember my soul’s dreams.  I was excited to hear about who I was becoming and felt hopeful that I was evolving spiritually even in the midst of problems.  In her work with Spirit, she allowed a bigger, clearer space to open up for me.  A space for a new perception and image of myself.  I realized there were magic and prayers in the universe all working towards my freedom and wholeness.”

– Jeany King

My Commitment to You

Should you choose to step into a Soul’s Journey Session with me, I will call on all help necessary within the session or sessions to support your level of commitment. Using my skills and experience in working multi-dimensionally, I’ll support your aims through journeying and shamanic energy work. Engaging within sacred space and stepping outside of time to facilitate any needed changes, I’ll call in spirit help on your behalf, both for the session(s) and in the integration to follow. Clearing and illuminating your energy centers will give you the gift of a fresh start at the energetic and soul levels.

If your issue is straightforward enough, I can often work at multiple levels in the same session, aligning influences from the past, present and future. Depending on the issue, however, it may take more than one session to fully support your desired changes.

I always address an issue at its source, whether it’s in this lifetime, a past life or has generational origins, though I can only address your part within the system, to the extent you’re ready for at this time. This is vital to making changes at the root of the situation, not just changing its appearance.

Please be aware that this can have ripple effects in the systems you belong to, whether it’s a family system or your past through future lives. Obviously this depends on how deep the issue runs and the level you’re willing to engage at this time.

It is always an honor for me to facilitate soul work, and a joy to work in various realms and collaborate with many beings to facilitate a client’s soul’s journey. We have so much help available to us, and engaging in deep soul work calls on our interconnectedness as a reflection of our divinity.

If this approach resonates with you, I invite you to arrange for a 45-minute Soul’s Journey Session by phone.