Walking in Beauty


In beauty, may I walk.
All day long, may I walk.
Through the returning seasons, may I walk.

Beautifully I will possess again.
Beautifully birds…
Beautifully joyful birds…

On the trail marked with pollen, may I walk.
With grasshoppers about my feet, may I walk.
With dew about my feet, may I walk.

With beauty, may I walk.
With beauty before me, may I walk.
With beauty behind me, may I walk.
With beauty above me, may I walk.
With beauty all around me, may I walk.

In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty,
lively, may I walk.
In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty,
living again, may I walk.

It is finished in beauty.
It is finished in beauty.

– Excerpt from the Navajo Night Way Ceremony

Experience Walking

Explore this poem for yourself…embark on a mindful walking meditation, full of awareness of your interconnection with all around you. With each step, remain aware of your breath…how your weight shifts as you walk…from heel to toe and from one foot to the other, your shifting weight moving you forward.

Listen to the sounds around you, whether from nature or human-made…for you are part of each. Let your senses heighten, catch the smell of the wind around you, feel the warmth or coolness on your face, allow your senses to relax so you can naturally take in the vividness of life and color about you.

You are connected to the bird winging by, the tree standing firmly rooted, the vast sky above and the rich, solid earth beneath your feet. Allow yourself to take each step feeling the shifting weight of your body upon the earth…in heightened appreciation of all that is around you…in the harmony of our co-existence.

We are each reflections of ourselves, each other and all that surrounds us…and with each step we can walk in harmonious and loving balance with all we see, both without and within.

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Another example of “Walking in Beauty” involves Calvin Hill’s journey. Torn from his Navajo reservation through the forced assimilation of missionary boarding school, his walk in beauty finds him leading church congregations in Michigan while continuing to honor his Navajo roots. He walks in peace, wholeness and abundance.

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“I find one vast garden spread out all over the universe. All plants, all human beings, all higher mind bodies are about in this garden in various ways , each has his own uniqueness and beauty. Their presence and variety give me great delight. Every one of you adds with his special feature to the glory of the garden.”
Anandamayi Ma

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Poem text with thanks to the Wondering Minstrels anthology. Photo courtesy PD Photo.org.