Shimmering Mirrors


Do you ever find
parts of yourself
in everyone you see?

It’s like this little part of me is in you
and that part of you is in me
and as the reflections unfold

everyone becomes
a shimmering reflection
of the whole of humanity?

And as the shimmers sparkle
and merge
and grow

and add all the range of shimmers
and shades
and shadows

from the life forms all around us
above us
within, without us
from the core of the earth
to the Kosmos

We All become
One glorious, shimmering, glimmering Being?

Don’t you think that’s cool?

~ Sandie Hum

Unity Awareness

“You actually identify yourself from a global perspective….actually experience your central identity, not just with all human beings, but all living beings….You experience the World Soul….”
– Ken Wilber

As the World Soul unfolds through the shimmering mirrors of our individual expressions, we’re moved in ways that go beyond our individual selves.

Gaia Consciousness

“You might awake one morning and find that nature is part of you, literally internal to your being. You are not a part of nature, nature is a part of you. And for just that reason, you treat nature as you would treat your lungs or kidneys. A spontaneous environmental ethics surges forth from your heart, and you will never again look at a river, a leaf, a deer, a robin, in the same way.”
– Ken Wilber

There are of course many ways people express their environmental ethics. Modern shamanism draws on earth-based practices and adds modern awareness and approaches to bring about change.

Sandra Ingerman, author of Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins, shares her practice of “Creating a Human Web of Light” to bring healing to ourselves, others and our planet. She includes instructions on how to shine your inner light and join with her community in creating a web of light each full moon.

Living in Service

A natural outgrowth of our experiences of Oneness is a heart response of service to our fellow shimmering mirrors, in all their forms. The Bodhisattva way of life is a way of expressing this. It is beautifully captured in the vows of the Buddhist Avaivartika Order:

“I understand that the ideal of helping all sentient creatures is an ideal that cannot ever be fully attained and yet I will throw my whole being into its achievement.”

Another expression of this is Shantideva’s Bodhisattva Vows.

While these expressions emerged from the Buddhist path, their heart-love generosity is universal, and found in all spiritual paths. St. Francis of Assisi’s famous prayer, though not actually written by the historical figure himself, captures that same generosity of spirit that resonates with many.

Jane Young has created a movie, “The Gentle Art of Blessing,” that beautifully illustrates this heart-response from one being to another as an expression of “beholding the very face of God.” Modern and with no reference to any organized group, it is a pure expression of the heart.

May you, and all those around you, be blessed.

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“Shimmering Mirrors” © copyright 2002 Sandie Hum – All Rights Reserved. Photo courtesy of PD Ken Wilber quotes from “Realms of the Superconscious: Part I” in A Brief History of Everything.