Dance Life…For Yourself and Others


When you find, like Wordsworth, that “the world is too much with us; late and soon,” to dance life can move that energy and reconnect you with your heart and body and All who are around you. It can be a way of staying connected to yourself and the world and still be able to offer love in return.

David Deida describes a beautiful practice of dancing your body open as love: “Moment by moment, with or without music, breathe all pain and pleasure through your heart in and out, allowing love to open through your closures–through everyone’s closures–offering your body open, full as the moment.”

Dance Life as an Experiment

Try it for yourself. Clear a space so you can move freely, then take a deep breath, close your eyes, exhale and relax. Let yourself feel: what music feels right to play right now? Let the answer bubble up and put it on.

Now take another deep breath and exhale, relaxing into your breath, your body, your heart and the music. Allow your body to move, trusting its wisdom, while you breathe whatever you’re feeling in and out through your heart and body…open yourself to dance life…as and through you….

Whether you’re feeling it for yourself, for a loved one, someone you hate, a group of people or everyone in the world…or for the Earth and its creatures…or the stars, the cosmos, and all they contain…whatever it is, let it breathe through your body with love…and let it flow through you….

Whether at the level of body sensation, or intuitive sensing, your own emotion or another’s, pure energy or random thoughts…individually, in succession or all at once…whatever you experience, breathe it in and out through your heart and limbs as you move and dance Life…

Offer your love through your body to whomever most moves you right now…to the Divine, to the person you can’t stand right now, to the people you feel suffering, to your own aching heart…or simply move, feel love, and openly offer…with no recipient in mind…no mind at all…dance as Love…and offer your heart…

Dance Your Holding

And as you feel places of holding…whether a tight muscle or a pain in your body…or an emotion or thought that seems to have you in its grip…or the simple heart aching of an opening heart…continue dancing as Life…in All its many forms…whether what you feel is in yourself or in others, or in All…dance with it…breathe into it, through it, permeate it with your loving breath…and continue to move and dance it through your body….

Moving in the flow of Life…you may laugh, you may cry, you may howl, you may dance in the eye of stillness…let yourself stay connected to love and your heart as best you can…continuing to breathe it all in and out through your body as you move…

Dance Your Life’s Anguish

There may be times when you feel such emotional pain you want to curl up in a ball forever…if this happens during your practice, let yourself…it’s yet another way to dance life….

Rock yourself like a baby on the floor if you want to move but still stay curled up…and keep breathing love as you do it…to yourself, in yourself, as yourself…in and out…through your body…and feel the solidness of the ground beneath you, supporting you….

You may cry or rage or beat your fists against the ground or kick or punch the air…however your openness to dancing life lives through you…keep breathing love…and keep paying attention…because all things shift and change…and as they do, let them…feel whatever you feel fully, as it happens…and as it changes, let it go and be willing to experience whatever comes next fully too…

As the river of Life moves through you…dislodging this and moving that…let it…and notice what happens to your experience of the world…letting love live through you and as you, however you are in the moment…

Exploring Experience

It’s valuable at times to experience whatever’s happening as fully as possible…and sometimes to sink more deeply into it. Since our habit may be to pull away…to dance Life can be a beautiful way to move more deeply into an experience and explore.

When it’s done with love and awareness…as a practice, or as a consciously developed habit…a dimension is added that often has no words…but is available as experience.

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“Dance Life…for Yourself and Others” © copyright 2007 Sandie Hum – All Rights Reserved. “Wild Woman #20” metalwork by Kristin DeSantis, collection of Sabine Grandke-Taft.  David Deida quote from “Shine as Love’s Light” in Blue Truth: A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex.