Soul Poems

…Songs of the Soul

Soul Poems energySoul poems are songs of the soul, a throbbing beat pulsing from our deepest being. They’re at once singular, the creation of a unique individual, and yet they speak to the One Heart we all share.

Whether poet, artist or mystic, trying to capture our experience of the Divine can be like trying to catch a sunbeam: elusive in one sense, yet in another, fulfilling. And when we realize the sunbeam’s beauty without grasping, we truly appreciate it for what it is.

We grow as we learn to honor and accept ourselves with the same wide embrace and willingness to let be. As “Shimmering Mirrors,” we are both a part of the Whole and simultaneously contain all of it, so we are free to simply rest as we are.

As Shakespeare wrote, “The poet’s eye, in fine frenzy rolling, / Doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven” as the poet’s pen “gives to airy nothing / A local habitation and a name.” With a place and a name, our deeper knowingness of our wholeness can more easily resonate to the forefront with the help of a poet’s words. Soul poems remind us in our heart and soul of the completeness we may have forgotten.

“Everything is Soul and Flowering”

Soul Rose flowering with bees And as Rumi wrote in his poem “Roses Underfoot”: “If anyone asks you to say who you are, say without hesitation, soul within soul within soul…. Everything is soul and flowering.”

The soul poems gathered here are a taste of that flowering, from the beautiful harmony of the Navajo “Walking in Beauty” to the vibrant “Dance Life” and the more challenging experiences described in Hafiz’s “Tired of Speaking Sweetly.” Some I wrote, others have been passed down through time from heart to heart and soul to soul. From “Radiant Love” to the welcoming embrace of Rumi’s “The Guest House” and the multi-layered “All the Hemispheres” by Hafiz, I hope you enjoy the journey.

Following each poem are poetic gateways, invitations to explore inspired by the poet’s words. Some suggest ways to explore your own insights and revelations. Others link to sites that may be of interest, including background that enriches the poem’s context or jumping-off points inspired by it.

Take your time and explore…let the words of these soul poems settle like a sigh within the quietness of your being, or jolt your senses like a shout. Enjoy the varied textures of our human experience. Let them stimulate your own first-hand taste of the Divine in its myriad and singular expressions.

And one day as you find yourself “Calling God,” you may discover…that you Are That. So enjoy the journey, and let yourself become your own living prayer to, from and as the Divine.

With love and a bow,

Please note: Since each soul poem page is an invitation, with possibilities for exploration included, it takes time, inspiration and creativity to complete. As the various elements gel into a completed page, the poem link will become active.

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“Roses Underfoot” excerpt from The Soul of Rumi: A New Collection of Ecstatic Poems as translated by Coleman Barks. Photo of rose courtesy of PD