Stepping off the Triangle of Disempowerment


We all know the triangle of disempowerment…that interrelationship of victim, perpetrator and rescuer that perpetuates no matter which of the 3 roles we happen to play in the moment. Changing roles doesn’t free us from the triangle, it just changes the scenery.

Stepping off the triangle becomes more important as we seek to dream a better world into being. From a shamanic perspective, what we see in the world is a reflection of where we are in the moment.Ā  If we want to see more peace in the world, a peace that comes from within allows space for it to come into being without. If we remain at war with ourself, battling our different roles, even as we try to dream in a higher destiny for the world, aspects of that inner war are still projected into the future we’re dreaming.

By claiming our role as creators and consciously shedding our roles as victim, perpetrator and rescuer, we each take our own steps to being the peace we wish to see into the world.

Here is one man’s example:

Thank you, Daniel Beaty.


  1. Chris White III says:

    Fantastic article and video. I was truly moved. Thanks