A Sacred Fool helps creative visionaries live their soul’s legacy as a gift of peace. What greater gift can you leave the world than to live your soul’s purpose as fully as possible? To live in this way calls for the energy of the Sacred Fool, someone who’s willing to step into the unknown again and again, who’s willing to discover what wants to be born in this world through direct experience.

Not coincidentally, the shaman’s path is informed by this same approach. True shamanic journeying is stepping into the unknown each time, and a willingness to discover what is there. This site is informed by the shamanic courage of sacred foolishness.

Sandie Hum is a soul shamana whose strengths focus on her clients’ soul’s journey, timelines and destiny work and the paths of the sage and visionary.

Her shamanic initiation began through a spiritual awakening and deepened as she became a full mesa carrier in a living lineage of Andean shamans. She trained with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. and Linda Fitch of the Four Winds Society to learn from both modern medical insights and indigenous wisdom and tradition. She has completed  Healing the Light Body and Way of the Sage, as well as advanced courses working with time and destiny.

Sandie w- Q'eroSandie has also studied spiritual dimensions of healing with Sylvia Nachlinger, plant spirit medicine with Connie Grauds. R.Ph. and certified acupressure training with the Acupressure Institute. She is trained in the Munay-Ki transmissions, a series of energetic gateways for transformation, and is exploring Dolphin and Whale consciousness and unity-community with Linda Shay and Dolphin Healing HeArts.  These explorations and trainings have enhanced the ways she can support the blossoming of fellow souls’ journeys and their dance with Life.

Sandie’s experiences with human resources and her affinity for research, along with her training in shamanic and energy approaches, allows her to blend the practical with the mystical and the “ordinary” with the “profound,” in a space where distinctions and the intellect can be wonderful tools and can also be embraced in a more spacious and dynamic heart-space of Love.