I’m changing hotels


I had a dream last night about trying to find my way back to my hotel room. It was a hostel-like facility with small narrow hallways that kept turning direction and incredibly rickety elevators. The elevator door would open but the only way for me to tell where I was was to make my way to a window or area that opened to the outside, then I could tell how high up I was and what direction I’d turned by the scenery out the window (which tended to be other buildings).

I kept getting out, see the change of scenery and that I was higher up than my room…make my way back through the maze, take another elevator…see new scenery, again too high up…try again.

I woke up and thought: I’m changing hotels!

Why expend so much energy trying to go back to where I’ve been, to my hotel room as I knew it, when I’m growing into such a better and more alluring space? I mean, it’s the difference between that rickety hostel and a luxurious room at Loews Lake Las Vegas, which is where a workshop I’m considering attending is being held. Take a look at this:


Now that’s a hotel room!

It also represents where I choose to head more than where I’ve been. And I woke up realizing I’ve been wasting a lot of energy trying to get back to where I’ve been.

It’s like my mom always said to me growing up: you can use anything you want, but put it back where you found it. Well, as my life has been shifting and as I step into my destiny, I haven’t been able to get back to where I found anything, let alone be able to put anything back. That’s what my dream was showing me.

And what I realized was, in this instance–that’s a good thing. Let it go, and move where my soul and destiny is calling me. That’s more important that figuring out where I’ve been, or trying to neaten up an old life that’s falling apart. Instead embrace the change and make conscious choices about what I create.

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