5 Vital Ways to Live from Your Heart and Soul


Are you willing to live from your deeper being with intuition and insight, heart and soul? Do you have a spirit of adventure, a willingness to explore approaches to

  • tune into your body’s wisdom
  • clear your energy body so you can engage life with vitality and harmony
  • dance with your dreams and
  • gain new perspectives on your life?

Then this free email series on “5 Vital Ways to Live from Your Heart and Soul” is for you (click here to sign up now).

You’ll learn different ways of engaging your own inner guidance and hearing and responding to the whispers from your heart and soul. The more vitally you live from your deeper self, the more you open the way for others to do so as well.

Explore Your Intuitive Wisdom and Deeper Being

As soon as you sign up you’ll receive an email with your first “5 Vital Ways” installment. Then every other day you’ll receive a new approach to help you live more deeply from your heart and soul. This allows you time to practice the new technique and become familiar with it before the next exploration arrives.

In all you’ll receive five installments that help you explore:

  • tuning into your body’s wisdom and experiencing the miracle of your interconnection with other beings
  • using a simple self-acupressure routine to keep your body’s energy meridians clear
  • engaging with your sleeping dreams to glean insights otherwise lost to your conscious mind
  • a simple way to keep your chakras clear so the residue of everyday stresses doesn’t detract from your heart and soul living
  • a fun way to play with situations and gain additional perspectives and insights

“THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL SERIES………so beautifully put together, and incorporates sooooooo many different aspects……. it’s been a wonderful addition to my ‘tool box’.”
– Penelope Berro

Distilled and Experience-Oriented

These explorations are designed to be lived, not just read about. Our emphasis is on supporting your experience.

When you sign up you’ll receive an additional bonus installment with a valuable mind map of the various approaches. It will serve as a handy summary of the valuable tools available to you and will help you integrate them into your life on an ongoing basis.

After all, actually putting the approaches to use is really how you’ll come to live more and more from your heart and soul. As spiritual writer David Deida says, “Knowing the truth is fairly useless; feeling it is profound; living it makes all the difference.”

Are you ready to live more of your own truth and enhance your life, as well as the lives of those around you? Sign up for this free email series and gain valuable and practical support in your quest.

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P.S. Each time you experiment with the approaches and make them more your own, your intuitive awareness will blossom further in your life.

Frances Vaughn, transpersonal psychologist and author, writes that “Intuition offers many new horizons in learning to solve problems, waking up to what we already know, and transcending boundaries of time and space as we ordinarily think of them.”

So why not embark on the adventure now? Sign up for the free “5 Vital Ways to Live from Your Heart and Soul” e-course and get started!