Sacred fools stride and dance where others fear to tread–
into and through the unknown

Are you a maverick who’s willing to shake things up if that’s where you feel led? Then welcome! Be at home. All of you is welcome here…your gentleness and insight, your ferocity and drive, your caring and your tough love.

The world needs creative visionaries like you. Visionaries who are skilled at getting things done and can feel the truth of Buckminster Fuller’s words: “Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.”

5 Vital Ways to Live from Your Heart and SoulLet’s build on the accomplishments you’ve mastered so well and play in the space where the invisible overlaps them–the place of the sacred. Where we navigate destiny as well as follow it and live what is most important to our soul, for the benefit of all.

Let’s play. It’s time to love life as it is, with foolishness and abandon. Only then can we truly leave a legacy for generations to come.

*  The world needs all of us, and all we have to share *

May who you are
and how you express yourself in the world
bring benefit to yourself,

to your friends, family and community,

to all beings,
to All That Is,
and All that is Beyond.

Munay (“Be as thou art”),
Sandie Hum